Candice has had a passion for animals for as long as she can remember. She knew from an early age that she either wanted to be a beautician or a veterinarian. She soon realized that she didn’t have the “stomach” it takes to be a veterinarian.

Courtesy of: Animal Planet PhotographyCandice pursued a career in the beauty industry with a year of formal education in Provo, Utah. During this time she realized that she liked her career choice, but didn’t love it. She needed to be around animals again to really enjoy her career. She aggressively sought employment in the animal grooming industry, and got a job based on her experience working with people in the beauty industry. During her first years of employment, her mentors often said that she had an ability never before seen by them. She knew she was right where she belonged. Candice loved her career choice.

“I truly love Pet Grooming. I have been Pet Grooming since 2002 I can’t believe how time has flown by. I guess when it is your passion it doesn’t feel like work.”

Since then, Candice has more than a decade of pet grooming in Gig Harbor having opened Elite Pet Salon in 2011. Because of the exceptional services she offers, previous clients have remained with her and, simply through word of mouth, have helped her establish a very busy and reputable pet grooming business. After just one visit to Elite Pet Salon, you too will be amazed by Candice’s passion for pets and their well being.