Mobile Grooming

Introducing Elite Pet Salon Mobile Grooming! Starting August 22nd! Conveniently bringing quality grooming experts right to your door!

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Why Mobile?

We come to you! Our convenient services eliminate your travel time and your pet’s stress.


Faster Service! Your pet is groomed from start to finish at the time of your appointment, usually one hour!


Your pet is the ONLY focus during the appointment. Your pet receives individual care and attention. If you have multiple pets to be groomed, to reduce stress, each is done individually. Meaning that they wait their turn in your home.


No cages! When your pet is done, they are brought back into your home. No waiting in a grooming salon or a cage to be picked up.


Your pet is Fluff dried and NOT cage dried! This means that after your pet’s bath, your pet will not have to sit in a cage to wait their turn to be groomed or to dry.


Our work area of the van is sanitized between each appointment.


We use ALL NATURAL products to bathe and clean your pet.



Elite Pet Salon

We use FRESH water to bathe your pet. There are 2 separate water tanks, one for clean water, and one for gray water. We do not recycle the gray water.

We do not empty the gray water in your driveway.

We do not need to plug into your home. Our van is equipped with a fully operational inverter system.

Our mobile groom service is licensed and insured.

Our groomers are experienced, talented, gentle, patient, courteous, & professionally trained.



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Serving Gig Harbor, Tacoma, and Tacoma's Surrounding Areas!