Hi, I'm Candice

I opened this business for Gig Harbor and surrounding areas for pet lovers to trust and love. I will always take comfort and safety for all pets. I really feel that I truly understand and have empathy for all pets. We see them at there most stressed out time and really try to give them the best experience ever. They will be getting groomed starting at 3 months-18 years of age. I want to build an long lasting relationship that makes them feel safe and comfortable. My handling skills cater to what the dog needs and can handle. I pride myself in quality scissor work. I have a natural ability for symmetrical appropriate proportion for the body and head hair cuts. I always treat my clients with upmost respect. I will go above and beyond and strive for great service.

Candice has had a passion for animals for as long as she can remember. She knew from an early age that she either wanted to be a beautician or a veterinarian. She soon realized that she didn't have the “stomach” it takes to be a veterinarian.

Candice pursued a career in the beauty industry with a year of formal education in Provo, Utah. During this time she realized that she liked her career choice, but didn’t love it. She needed to be around animals again to really enjoy her career. She aggressively sought employment in the animal grooming industry, and got a job based on her experience working with people in the beauty industry. During her first years of employment, her mentors often said that she had an ability never before seen by them. She knew she was right where she belonged. Candice loved her career choice.

Courtesy of: Animal Planet Photography

“I truly love Pet Grooming. I have been Pet Grooming since 2002 I can’t believe how time has flown by. I guess when it is your passion it doesn't feel like work.”

Since then, Candice has more than a decade of pet grooming in Gig Harbor having opened Elite Pet Salon in 2011. Because of the exceptional services she offers, previous clients have remained with her and, simply through word of mouth, have helped her establish a very busy and reputable pet grooming business. After just one visit to Elite Pet Salon, you too will be amazed by Candice's passion for pets and their well being.


Much like you, every member of the Elite Pet Salon team treats your animal as a member of their own family. Since no two dogs or cats are the same, we take special care to individualize their care and treatment. We are not an assembly line of groomers. We will cater to your pet’s every need, from special handling of your nervous dog or cat to focusing on the trouble areas. We put you and your pet’s every need first. We commit to providing your pet with the best possible care along with exceptional grooming.

Elite Pet Salon prides itself on convenience as well as quality and consistency. Each time your pet comes to see us, we will deliver the same quality of treatment. Each member of our team follows the same set of procedures with every pet, no exceptions. The team at Elite Pet Salon can handle whatever you desire for your pet. We can do technical clips, partial grooms, shave the coat, or just a simple bath on any size breed. We understand that dogs love a routine, and we give them that.

While we have the highest quality products and equipment in the industry, we feel that the experience is made even better by maintaining the cleanest, most sanitary environment possible. We spend time each day making sure all areas the animals are kept healthy, sanitary, and inviting.



" It assures you that your pet will receive loving treatment and quality grooming by a Professional who is reputable and committed to meeting your high standards."



Elite Pet Salon has developed many strong relationships through the years. Please take a moment to visit many of the FRIENDS we feel are the best at what they do.

To show our appreciation of you entrusting us with your endearing pet, we offer a variety of SPECIALS that we are sure you will appreciate.NDGAA CERTIFICATION