Elite Pet Groomer

Your Coach And Consultant


Learn to groom your pet

Is your dog scared of people or groomers?

Do you want to save money?

Are you dissatisfied with the groomers in your area?

I'm here to help you. With my skills and experience I can teach you how to groom your pet at home. I will show you, step by step, the tools, equipment and products to use. I will teach you how to prep, bathe, dry and finish your pet. With nineteen years of experience, I can tutor you on the best and fastest methods of grooming to ensure your animal’s health and longevity.


Learn about the grooming industry
Thinking about becoming a professional groomer?

I can help. I'm a nationally certified Pet Groomer with many years of owner/operator experience. I am passionate about my industry and about healthy, happy animals.


New Addition to the Family
Thinking about getting a puppy?

Want to rescue a pet?

Not sure where to begin?


I am highly knowledgeable on dog and cat breeds and temperaments, and on the pet prepping process. I would love to consult with you about your pet options. 

Senior in your home

Do you have an old pet?

Not sure about the right time to say goodbye?

Since I specialize in senior animals, I can ask a series of questions and guide you with this process.

For questions on:

—Home Grooming

—Professional Grooming Training

—New Pet Consultation

—Senior Pet Consultation

Please contact me at:



Text 253-851-7297