FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions


Why a Membership?

Elite Mobile Pet Salon has a membership service that provides a monthly care visit that was created to deliver exclusive service and ensure your pet's ideal health, comfort, happiness and overall well-being. This subscription holds a spot for your pet's monthly grooming session.


You will get first-class grooming services with a better rate than non-members. You will see the results with less hair around the house, a healthier skin & coat and emotionally monthly is best for all pets. This will keep your pets feeling emotionally good and overall better! Also, with your busy schedule, let us take an errand off your list with our “Latch-key Service.”


Does is cost more for the Elite Membership?

No, an Elite Membership does not cost more! We do charge a fee for a consultation application grooming appointment at your first appointment. After your first appointment with us we will then be able determine your monthly rate. If you are reapplying or if you are a non-monthly client you will have to pay the consultation evaluation grooming appointment each time. Non-Monthly clients will be at a higher rate than monthly clients. Pets that are not on a monthly schedule take more time, care, attention, effort, clean up and products.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you would like to apply please email us to see if you qualify for the "Elite Membership" at elitepetsalon2011@gmail.com

Will I Be in a Contract?

If you wish to cancel enrollment, please contact us at elitepetsalon2011@gmail.com for assistance. We require at least 30 days written notice to cancel your enrollment in our monthly membership program. Monthly billing will continue for one more billing cycle and your last grooming appointment after notice of cancellation is received.


Can I Use My Membership for Multiple Pets That I Own?

Membership services are not transferable to other pets or clients. Each pet will have their own membership enrollment and monthly rate.


Do My Services Roll Over if I Miss an Appointment?

The membership monthly payment fee holds your spot each month. Services do not roll over; please take advantage of our “Latchkey Service” to get the most out of your membership!


What if I Need to Move My Appointment?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we require at least 3 business days' notice. We will make reasonable efforts to reschedule a canceled appointment, however we cannot guarantee availability until your next scheduled service. If we can reschedule you there may be traveling fee depending on where we are able to fit you into our full schedule. Membership services do not roll over into the next calendar month for canceled or missed appointments and all monthly payments are nonrefundable.

Can I skip a month with my membership?

In rare situations, Elite Mobile Pet Salon may need to postpone your appointment due to equipment failure, traffic, bad weather, or an emergency. In such a case you will be given first priority for rescheduling within the same calendar month. In the event we arrive for a scheduled appointment and are unable to access your home or secure your pet for grooming, it will be considered a forfeited appointment and we will be unable to reschedule. If you need to cancel your appointment, we require at least 3 business days notice. We will make reasonable efforts to reschedule a canceled appointment, however we cannot guarantee availability until your next scheduled service.


Membership services do not roll over into the next calendar month for canceled or missed appointments, and all monthly payments are nonrefundable. If you wish to cancel enrollment, please contact us at elitepetsalon2011@gmail.com for assistance. We require at least 30 days written notice to cancel your enrollment in our monthly membership program. Monthly billing may continue for an additional billing cycle after notice of cancellation is received.


Can I Get My Pet Groomed Every 6 Plus Weeks?

The Elite Membership is set up as a billed monthly program. If you choose to have your pets on a 6 plus week rotation, we will do our best to accommodate you. You will still be billed monthly for your membership. Our schedule is very limited and cannot guarantee that 6 plus week appointments will be available.

Your rate will be different from monthly scheduled pets if you choose 6 weeks or more.


How Do I Pay?

With your card on file or an invoice will be sent to you via online link. Membership payment will be automatically charged to your account on the 1st of each month with a card of file after you have been accepted into the membership. Please remit payment within 48 hours to avoid late fees. Not paying within 48 hours will result in late payment fees and your membership will be not accepted.


We will charge extra for flea treatments, heavy tangles, de-matting, special handling and effort at the time of service with your card on file. We will notify you of any charges to your card apart from your monthly membership rate. If your pet’s health and behavior changes and requires more care, time, attention, and accommodations, your monthly rate will be reevaluated and may change.


How Do I Cancel My Membership?

If you wish to cancel enrollment, please contact us at elitepetsalon2011@gmail.com for assistance. We require at least 30 days written notice to cancel your enrollment in our monthly membership program. Monthly billing will continue for one more billing cycle and your last grooming appointment after notice of cancellation is received.

What Is “Latch-key Service?”

“Latch-key Service” is great for those of you who work or cannot be home at the time of your appointment. We would access your pet the same way a pet sitter or dog walker would. We can arrange to leave a key, garage code, or remote door opening for access to your pet and they will be returned as per your instructions. This makes grooming your pet even easier and more convenient! When you come home your pet will be clean, adorable and happy! If you wish to opt-in to Latch-Key Service please let us know we are happy to accommodate!

 lease email us with access details.

What do I expect at my first appointment?

Please make sure to let your pet have a chance to relieve itself with a walk. Due to routes, drive time, and the exclusivity of our business, please allow a 30 min. window for arrival (15 minutes prior to and 15 minutes after your appointment time). Please be at home, arrive before 15 minutes of the appointment, or provide available "Latchkey" entry access before appointment. If Owner arrives or is not available over 15 minutes late, owner understands that they may be required to reschedule (“no show” and “canceled appointment” will be charge with a card on file).

All dogs must be handed over to the groomer in their arms, on a leash, or in a crate. All cats must be in a crate, cat bag, or in a pillow case for transporting from resident's home to Elite Pet Mobile Salons' facility. Elite Pet Mobile Salon reserves the right to refuse service if cats are not readily available for service and safe handling. We will charge for an incomplete appointment of $95 and reschedule to try again.

Please ensure there is a level surface available for the mobile facility to park. It is best for our equipment and groomers to have the flattest possible place at your home or business. Clearance of 12 feet and 20 feet long area is needed and clear of all braches & bushes in your driveway. If you think there will be a parking problem please reach out to us to determine if we can service you. If possible please bring pets out to vehicle when we arrive.

What is a consultation evaluation?

We strive to give you and your pets the best care around. Be prepared for a Consultation Application Appointment at your first appointment. There is a lot of preparation and assessment time associated with first time appointments. This requires extra office work and a longer initial appointment time, which is reflected in the Consultation Application Appointment fee. At your Consultation Application Appointment we want to get to know you and your pet. During this appointment we will talk about your pet’s overall health, skin and coat, behavior & health limitations, desired cut and best options for them. A Consultation Application Appointment takes extra time, care, product and effort to get your pet groomed with Elite Mobile Pet Salon. At times we are also redoing the pattern clip from the last grooming appointment which takes extra skill and time. We look forward to meeting you and your adorable pets!


After your Consultation Application appointment, you will be notified in about 72 hours if your application for the “Elite Membership” has been accepted or not been accepted.


If you are a returning client who is applying or re-applying for the membership, and your pet hasn’t been seen in over 6 weeks, you may be asked to pay the Consultation Application Appointment fee again.

This is also a great time to bring your own products, brushes, and combs as part of the consultation. So many clients struggle on finding the right tool to keep up on maintenance at home. More often than not most owners don’t have the right tools. This can result in poor maintenance, improper care, and could possibly have a negative impact on your pet. It is so important to introduce your pets to a positive outlook on grooming. Have no worries, we can definitely guide you in the right direction!

What if I am not home for my scheduled appointment?

Elite Mobile Pet Salon offers a "Latchkey Service," if provided a key code to keep on file, a garage code, or another form of access to the home, Elite Mobile Pet Salon will arrive by at your scheduled grooming appointment and takes care of the rest. Your pet must be crated or left in an accessible area such as a laundry room or bathroom.

How do I pay for my first service?

We except credit/debit card on file. All payments must be paid in full within 24 hours of service to avoid late fees. If not paid in full within 5 business days we will charge the amount owed with the added on late fees and we will record as non-payment.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule for my first time appointment?

Due to routes, drive time, and the exclusivity of our business no-shows & same day cancellations will be charged a 100% of the service price to their card on file. Please let us know before 72 hours before canceling your appointment to avoid late fee of $95.


If our groomer knocks on your door but does not receive an answer, they will wait a maximum of 15 minutes before recording the session as a no-show. All clients must have a valid credit or debit card on file. All card information is encrypted for your safety & privacy.

 *Note this is for Non-Members, not all applies to Elite Monthly Members (see Elite Membership).

How do I know if mobile is a good option for me?

If you care deeply about your pets' overall safetly, care and value your time then mobile is perfect for you! Mobile is fantastic for dogs and cats! No scary car ride; no barking dogs; and a quiet, state-of-the-art facility. No long hours at the salon. No driving to the salon then hurrying to get back to the salon. No sitting in traffic. Stay at home in your PJs, or enjoy our concierge "Latchkey Service" while you are away. We understand your time is valuable let us check off one less priority in your busy schedule.​

Why does mobile cost more than the salon?

Mobile is a personalized custom service. We only groom one pet at a time in your driveway or business; that makes it a very intimate setting for your beloved pets. All of our staff are highly educated, experienced and skilled. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with warm water, electricity, heater/AC unit, high velocity fluff dryer, electric table, prima bathing system, and pro tools. This takes specialized skilled technicians and mechanics to sometimes ship or drive long distances to maintain this equipment. All these factors inform the pricing of mobile grooming services.

Is there a price difference between the “Full Groom” and the “Tidy up Partial Groom?”

There is no price difference. Both services require the same procedures, tools, and skills. The only difference is that the full groom will take length off all over the body. The Tidy Up Partial Groom includes trimming the head, face, feet, legs and tail.

What if my pet is matted?

Your pet’s comfort is our first priority! We will make every effort to make your pet’s visit as pleasant as possible. Because of this we do not offer heavy de-matting. The mats determine how short we go and cannot determine how short until we get started on them. Matting is extremely painful and can result in injury, bruising, stress and in severe cases trauma. Shaving off a matted a coat is an act of kindness and your pet will thank you for it. Shaving your pet will dramatically change their appearance and sometimes behavior. If you have a desired length you are wanting, you must do your part at home or more frequent grooming. If there is still matting and your pet cannot tolerate brushing and combing, a shorter clip will be mandatory or we will not be able to accommodate you and your pet. We can help educate you on proper tools and tips. We want to help your home maintenance go smoothly for you. Let us know if you needing assistance.