Hi, I'm Candice Schmidt, CPG

“I truly love Pet Grooming. I have been Pet Grooming since 2002. I can’t believe how time has flown by. I guess when it is your passion it doesn't feel like work.”


Over 20 Years of Professional Grooming Experience

I will always take comfort and safety for all pets. I truly understand and have empathy for pets. I see them at there most stressed out time and really try to give them the best experience ever. They will be getting groomed starting at 3 months up to 15 years of age. I want to build an long lasting relationship that makes them feel safe and comfortable. My handling skills cater to what the dog needs and can handle. I pride myself in quality scissor work. I have a natural ability for symmetrical proportions for the body and head for their hair cuts. I always treat my clients with upmost respect with caring professionalism. I will go above and beyond and strive for great service every time.

Purpose and Passion 

Candice has had a passion for animals for as long as she can remember. She knew from an early age that she either wanted to be a beautician or a veterinarian. She soon realized that she didn't have the “stomach” it takes to be a Veterinarian.

Candice pursued a career in the beauty industry with a year and a half of formal education in Provo, Utah at Dallas Roberts Academy of Hair Design. During this time she realized that she liked her career choice, but didn’t love it. She needed to be around animals again to really enjoy her career. She aggressively sought employment in the animal grooming industry, and got a job based on her experience working with people in the beauty industry. During her first years of employment, her mentors often said that she had an ability never before seen by them. She knew she was right where she belonged. Candice loves her career choice and has been with it since 2002.

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" It assures you that your pet will receive loving treatment and quality grooming by a Professional who is reputable and committed to meeting your high standards."


Much like you, Elite Mobile Pet Salon treats your animal as a member of their own family. Since no two dogs or cats are the same, we take special care to individualize their care and treatment. We will cater to your pet’s every need, from special handling of your nervous dog or cat to focusing on the trouble areas. We put you and your pet’s every need first. We commit to providing your pet with the best possible care along with exceptional grooming.

While we have the highest quality products and equipment in the industry, we feel that the experience is made even better by maintaining the cleanest, most sanitary environment possible. We spend time each day making sure all areas the animals are kept healthy, sanitary, and inviting.


" It assures you that your pet will receive loving treatment and quality grooming by a Professional who is reputable and committed to meeting your high standards."

Certified by NDGAA

Your groomer has been certified by the National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc. An organization dedicated to high standards that meet your own. Founded in 1969, NDGAA has certified groomers throughout the United States, Canada, England, France, Holland, New Zealand, Scotland & Singapore. These groomers share a commitment to the humane care of your pet, grooming excellence  fair business practices and public health & safety. When you do business with an NDGAA Certified Groomer, you can expect superior quality and service.

What NDGAA Certification Means

In order to become a NDGAA certified groomer, the groomer must meet NDGAA’s high standards of grooming excellence by undergoing a series of strenuous tests designed to evaluate their grooming skills and expertise.

NDGAA certified groomers must also agree to abide by a strict Code of Ethics governing business, customer relations and advertising practices.

NDGAA certified groomers are leaders in their field, able to serve you with their expertise and well developed knowledge.

What NDGAA means to you…

Selecting a NDGAA certified groomer means selecting quality you can trust. You will benefit from NDGAA’s continued efforts to improve the pet grooming industry standards and services.

It makes good sense to select a NDGAA Certified Groomer for your pets care. It assures you that your pet will receive loving treatment and quality grooming by a Professional who is reputable and committed to meeting your high standards.

Code of Ethics

I, as a Certified Dog Groomer in the pet industry, promise to accept my responsibility when caring for all pets. I shall enhance their beauty through proper grooming skills to help in the creation and style best suited the individual pet and its owners, to continuously educate myself and my patrons in the proper care and welfare of their pets. I will not discriminate against any person, to set an example of good will and integrity, show affectionate understanding and gentle.