Elite Membership

Elite Mobile Pet Salon now offers a monthly membership service! Mobile is a unique business! Because of the high demand of pet grooming, routes and zones, memberships optimize and streamline our services that best serves you through our membership plan. With our state of the art equipment and efficiency we can ensure we deliver top quality pet care.


Membership Benefits
★ First-Class Grooming Services with a Better Rate than Non-Members
★ Priority Scheduling with up to 3 to 12 Months of Pre-Scheduled Visits
★ Monthly Appointments Maintain Your Pet’s Health, Comfort and Overall Well-Being
★ Latch-Key Service Available for Your Convenience

Why a Membership?

Elite Mobile Pet Salon has a membership service that provides a monthly care visit that was created to deliver exclusive service and ensure your pet's ideal health, comfort, happiness and overall well-being. This subscription holds a spot for your pet's monthly grooming session. You will get first-class grooming services with a better rate than non-members. You will see the results with less hair around the house, a healthier skin & coat and emotionally monthly is best for all pets. This will keep your pets feeling emotinally good and overall better! Also, with your busy schedule, let us take an errand off your list with our “Latch-key Service.”

For More Information About Our Elite Membership and General Questions Please See our FAQs Page!