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Dog Grooming

Monthly Rates

$85-125 Pewee

$125-165 Standard

$165-205 Maxi


First Time/Non-Monthly Rates

$95-135 Pewee

$135-175 Standard

$175-225 Maxi

Full Service Includes:

The full service appointment includes Wellness Check, Brushing & Combing, De-shedding (if applicable), Teeth Checked with a Dental Foam Spray, Soaking Cleansing Bath & Cream Rinse Conditioner, Glands Checked and/or Expressed, Blueberry Facial, Fluff Drying, Ears Cleaned & Checked, Nails Trimmed and/or Filed, Shave Feet Pads & Sanitary Areas, and Ideal Desired Hair Cut All Over (if applicable).


*We do charge for extra for traveling outside our service area (we can meet in town if requested), special handling, and de-matting for time, care and effort. 



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